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Jaime Luna
Founder and Coach

No matter where I go I’ve been able to build successful, winning teams around me.  Throughout my life, people have gravitated towards my methods and my enthusiasm.  

Bold?  Maybe.  But every day, I help people shoot big and win.  

As someone who grew up in El Paso, Texas with a single mom, I learned to do a lot with very little.  And fast.  A passion for sports, particularly baseball, coupled with a mother’s unconditional love and support allowed me to chase my dreams.  College, a degree, and a stint playing professional baseball all became reality.  I met and married the woman of my dreams, and I strive daily, to be the best father I possibly can to my two daughters.  


Emphatically, I have built three winning businesses that fuel me to want to create more.  As the owner of a top-ten State Farm Insurance Agency, I provide insurance by trade, but in reality, I build life-long relationships with my clients.  I also co-own and run a logistics business.  And, in 2018, I created Lunanation, where business owners, sales leaders, and entrepreneurs go to be coached to win big.  

At Lunanation, our sales coaching is custom.  It’s a lot like sports when you think about it.  In baseball, for example, no two swings or pitches are the same.  The player’s habits, drive, personality, and skills set drive their success.  Why?  Because you are bigger than any one formula.  To net a win, your playbook has to fit you, your business, and your team.  To a T.  


That’s where I come in.  Allow me to study you, your business, and your team.  As your personal sales coach, allow me to share my over fifteen years of experience owning and operating businesses and dominating in sales, with you.  And, let’s make today the start of your winningest season yet ~ together.  

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