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Jaime Luna Launches Second State Farm Office, Becomes Multiple Office Agent in San Antonio

To know Jaime Luna is to know he's a go-getter. An over-achiever. Someone who definitely doesn't back down from a challenge. So it's no wonder then Luna was State Farm's choice to be among the first of its agents to open a second insurance office in greater San Antonio.

The top-ranking agent launched LunaNation 2, located in North-Central San Antonio, December 1. The new office nestled in the heart of several business plazas and not far from the airport follows Luna's first insurance business, in South San Antonio, which opened in 2012.

The opening of a second office positions Luna as an official State Farm MOA, or Multi-Office Agent. It's a big deal among the State Farm community as MOAs are few and far between across the country.

"This is a fantastic opportunity to help set a precedent on a much larger scale," Luna said.

It's a concept, however, that is not new for Luna and his LunaNation insurance team. When Luna opened his office located on Palo Alto Road nearly eight years ago, he aimed high and hit the mark. According to Luna, within a year, his south San office became a high-volume agency writing hundreds of auto policies. Luna said the start-up agency wrote more policies than any other local State Farm start-up in the same short time period, especially south of downtown, San Antonio. In order to even be considered for an MOA opportunity, an agent had to meet several criteria, high volume being one of them.

Luna seemed an obvious choice.

So State Farm approached Luna about a potential second agency last spring. An agent was to be vacating his position at an office on West Bitters and they wanted to know if Jaime would be up for the challenge of making it his own. The move would come with a book of sales and some staff. Bonus. But it was the location and size of the opportunity that really interested Jaime.

"I was immediately attracted to this location because of its central location and proximity to so many businesses," Luna said. "I think this office is the perfect insurance product solution for any of the many businesses nearby, especially those businesses that operate with a fleet of vehicles."

This type of optimism isn't unusual for Luna. Even during a short stint playing professional baseball Jaime says he was always ready to work harder and dream larger. More than ten years later, his philosophy holds true. It has served him well in baseball and business.

Luna says he wants to show his parent company that, not only can he own, operate, and turn big sales with two State Farm offices, he'll do it one day with three or four.

Luna knows it won't be easy. After all, the insurance office on Bitters is to be run as a separate entity per State Farm. That's like two independent businesses on top of a logistics business Luna part owns, as well as, LunaNation, Luna's business sales coaching and motivational business. Mix in Luna's young family and his passion for philanthropic work, and, one can guess Luna will be extremely busy.

"I'm great with busy," laughed Luna. "I think the key to successfully operating multiple State Farm agencies will be finding an excellent team and ensuring they buy in on my vision to ultimately have a presence in every market area in San Antonio."

LunaNation2 is located at 300 W Bitters suite 155.

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