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What Does Winning Mean To You?

Updated: Apr 8, 2019

Hi, I'm Jaime Luna, Founder of Lunanation, where businesses go to achieve great things. The fact that you've landed here, on my blog, means that you're interested in learning more about what we do here at Lunanation, and hopefully, you're curious to learn a little more too, about me. Most importantly, you're interested in winning ~ with your business, as a sales leader, and hopefully, in life. If that's true, we already have a lot in common.

My love for and obsession with winning began nearly forty years ago. I was a kid growing up in El Paso, Texas, who loved baseball. We're talking the kind of love where I would spend hours on Saturdays and Sundays on the diamond. I didn't come home until my mother called my name over over the chain link fence for the fourth time.

In Little League, I quickly learned that to make it to the All-Star team you had to be extraordinary in two ways. First, you had to excel as an individual and stand out. Second, you had to excel to help your team win and at all costs. From the day I made my first All Star team I became hooked. Hooked, not just on baseball, but on winning. I thrived on knowing my entire family sat in the stands cheering me on. Each time the announcer declared my team the "best of the best", my passion ignited. And, don't even get me started on the All Star medal. Receiving it, to this day, is a moment that is engraved in my heart, mind, and soul. From the second that red, white, and blue-striped ribbon holding the oversized and heavy emblem was placed around my neck, I knew that if I wanted to "play under the lights" (code for make it big) I had to rank among the best. I had to win. And I had to win big.

At just six years old, it was "game on".

Little did I know then, that my 6-year-old self had adopted a philosophy that would one day carry me through decades of success, on and off the baseball field.

A huge part of winning, whether on the baseball diamond or office, is the team you assemble around yourself. Perhaps you have actual bodies on your team already. These are people you've hired to not only get the job done, but get the job done well. Or, if you're just starting out, your "team" might be the people you associate with, learn from, and surround yourself with. In business, we often call this the sphere of influence. This sphere is marked by people whom you look to for wisdom, advice, and opportunity.

It seems in my own life, no matter where I go or what I do, I have been blessed and able to build incredible teams around me. People seem to gravitate to my methods and my enthusiasm. My mom says it's my dimples. (Thanks, mom). But I know it is something else. It is my vibe that says, I want to win. And trust me, I want to win all the time.

This winning attitude that feeds a growing hunger to do well and succeed is big, when assembling your team and identifying your sphere of influence. It is what launched my desire to win off the baseball diamond and in the "real world" of business and sales from day one.

My business career kicked off in the health and fitness sales industry. My first job was to sell memberships. In just a few short years I climbed the the sales ladder in this very competitive niche of sales. Upon doing so, I came across a new opportunity to go out on my own - in insurance. When I learned how far my skills set and winning attitude could take me in insurance, I leaped. And just like that, I established a top ranking company in my first year. Not long ago, I also ventured into the logistics industry where I became part owner of a freight and hauling service. Having two solid businesses under my belt, friends, former colleagues, former teammates, and those I would meet through networking opportunities began to approach me for my business insight: "Hey Jaime, what's your take on how I'm running my sales department," or, "Jaime, what would you do to overcome this within my growth strategy?" became recurrent questions that I found myself diving enthusiastically into to answer.

So, in 2018, I launched Lunanation, a place where business owners and sales leader come for custom coaching services.

Having a coach to assist you or your team is huge in sports. Think about the Hall of Famers and Olympic Gold Medalists who climbed to the top with the help of a position-specific coach. In baseball, every top batter has a hitting coach. Today, in football, kids as young as four and five are training with quarterback coaches. Why? A coach is that extra set of eyes to see what you miss. A coach has the experience and know-how to break down every nuance of your game and rebuild it into something extraordinary.

Any quest for victory is a journey. There will be ups and downs. There will be wins and losses, something no one likes. Certainly not I. But it has been losses in life and in business that have been the subsequent building blocks that have lead me towards my greatest wins.

What is winning to you? That is something you have to decide.

How do you get to that victory lap? That's something I can help you achieve.

Because, I can't stand to lose.

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