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No cookie-cutter sales programs.  No one size fits all.  No fluff.  
At LUNANATION we deliver custom sales solutions that fit you, your team, and your market.  

Sometimes we all need a little guidance.  A second set of eyes who can see what we often miss. 
An expert.  A trusted confidant.  A coach.  

As your sales and business coach, I listen. I evaluate.  I envision.  And then I craft and execute solutions custom to you, your team, and your market.  

My group coaching teams can expect to not only strategize but scrimmage, until the custom solutions we put into place become second nature.  

Meet your Coach,
Jaime Luna.

In the most likelihood of scenarios, I’m not supposed to be where I am today.  When they said you can’t, I said, I will.  Had I not believed in myself, set goals, and taken action, I’d not be the entrepreneur, business coach, philanthropist, and man I am today.

My goal is to inspire you to shoot big and win, turning opportunity into success.


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