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3 Tips For Closing The Sale By Quarter's End

Updated: Apr 4, 2019

When it comes to closing the sale, the pressure sets in. No, it's likely already set in for some time. In fact the pressure may feel like it's about to explode if you have yet to meet your quarter or end-of-the-year goals. I've been there, and, probably oddly, I thrive on the challenge.

If fact, I often up the ante by saying to myself, Okay, not only do I need to close the sale with Mr. Jones I need to net more. I need to go above and beyond.

You will be surprised at how a little self-impressed pressure and even some anxiety can actually fuel you to accomplish more.

Host an event.

If you're approaching year's end, throw a holiday event or party. Offer incentive or value to attending the event to entice your leads. I have thrown holiday parties the first or second week of the month to ensure I see those customers who have yet to commit to buying with me. If your target audience is families, throw a family-fun event and hire a photographer to take complimentary mini photograph sessions at the event. Few families will pass up a free mini photography session! I have also thrown charitable events with my staff inviting potential customers. Sometimes when we reach out and connect over themes of gratitude and appreciation and feel-good opportunities, the mood is lightened and ripe for having more serious and impactful conversations.

Follow up with your top 5 prospects with a gratitude call, letter, or email.

This is one of my favorite techniques that has helped my staff close the sale in a timely matter. Flattery and gratitude can go a long way. Call your prospect and thank them for the connection you have already established. Look for ways this relationship has enhanced your life and work. Let them know. After thanking them for the impact they've had in your life or on your business, subtly ask them if they had a chance to review your recent proposal. You will be surprised at how often during the busy moments of a closing quarter of chaos of the closing of the year, a prospect will tell you that they've been meaning to call and book that consultation with you. They very well may have just forgotten or been too busy to sit down and make the call to you. In reaching out to your top five prospects, you are, in essence, making life a little easier for them. That appreciation alone is solid impetus behind a potential customer becoming the customer that helps you meet your 4th Quarter goals.

Build a database.

Consider that even though this hot prospect may not want to commit to you by quarter's end, someone he or she knows just might. Don't count that out! I will often send my prospects a holiday card that arrives by the first few days of December. You know how everyone loves to open and read that first holiday card received in the mail. Two weeks later, follow up with a phone call, email, or text, asking the potential client if he or she received your card Thank them and offer them gratitude for the opportunity to speak with them more than once. Then, subtly ask for any ideas or recommendations of someone they may know who may be ready for your services at this time. I have collected several solid new leads and thus built my database even when the initial prospect didn't bite.

Are you using these ideas or others but still aren't closing the sale in a timely manner or when it counts most? Schedule a free call with me. Let me hear a little about you, your business and your goals, and we'll get to work from there.

~ JL

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